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Jessup-Bould Limited is able to offer Clients a range of process design services for small, medium and large projects.


For small projects Jessup-Bould can help Clients produce a front-end process design package suitable for development to detailed design by a process engineering contractor. The scope and extent of the package can be determined according to the requirements of the project.



The design package may include:

         Basis of Design.

         Block or Process Flow Diagram (PFD).

         Mass and Energy Balance.

         Process Description.

         Fluid Index. Identifying piping material and mechanical design requirements.

         List of Main Process Equipment.

         Piping and Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID).

         P&ID Symbol Sheet.

         Numbering Systems (for drawings, equipment, pipelines instrumentation etc).

         Control Philosophy.

         Process Data Sheets.

         Power Consumptions.

         Emergency Power Requirements and Critical Drives.

         Battery Limit Schedule.

         Utilities Schedule.

         Raw Material Consumptions.

         Effluent Rates.

         Plot Plan.

         Instrument List.

         Process Data For Instrument Specification.

         Relief Device Data.

         Material Safety Data Sheets.

         Manning Estimates

All produced to the agreed level of detail.


Jessup-Bould can assist Clients in the selection of a engineering contractor for detailed design.


For larger projects and at the detailed engineering stage Jessup-Bould can also offer process engineering support including:



         Process equipment specifications.

         Process hazard assessments.

         Hazardous area classification.

         Design review.

         Hazard and Operability Studies (HazOp).

         Technical appraisal of equipment offered by vendors.