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A S Jessup-Bould:

Mobile Hazardous Waste Vitrification Plant




Lead Process Engineer at OSC Process Engineering for a flue gas cleaning plant to serve a mobile waste vitrification furnace and for the process specification of feedstock blending equipment.

End Client: VERT, Rotherham, England



Plant location: Europe - various sites



Project Background



OSC Process Engineering were engaged by VERT (Vitrification & Environmental Recycling Limited) to design, build and commission a flue gas cleaning plant for use with a mobile hazardous waste vitrification furnace.











Summary of Process







The VERT plant is designed to vitrify a variety of hazardous waste materials within a glass that will result in an inert low hazard solid glass product. The flue gases that are produced by the vitrification process contain contaminants and dusts that have to be 'cleaned' (removed) to acceptable levels before the flue gas can be discharged to the atmosphere.








Specific Responsibilities






  • Lead Process Engineer














  • Convincing the client to accept more realistic estimated flue gas contaminant loadings.
  • Designing in a cost effective method of cooling the corrosive gases to the flue gas cleaning equipment and using this heat to prevent plume formation at the chimney.
  • Generally minimising the capital cost whilst providing a reasonably sound process.
  • Working with the Mechanical Engineer and vendors, designing the equipment to fit inside standard containers or containerised space frames.













Materials of Construction

Carbon steel. Derakane. Ceramic. Stainless Steel.

Unit Operations

Screw conveying.


Heat Exchange.

Filtration of dust and fume from flue gases.

Flue gas quenching & scrubbing.

Effluent neutralisation.

Solids precipitation, settling and filtration.


Air blast cooling.


Documents Produced


Mass & Energy balances.


Process & Instrument Data Sheets

Operator Training Manual.

Operating Manual.

Design Manual.

HazOp Action reports.


Toxic feed-stocks.

Asbestos feedstock.

Gases arising from process containing toxic & corrosive components.

Corrosive reagents (Conc HCl & NaOH).

Corrosive process liquors.

Dusts containing heavy metals.

Hot surfaces and materials.


Confined spaces.


Client and Client's consultant.

Furnace engineers.


External HazOp consultants.

Other engineering disciplines.

Drawing office.

Project management.

Procurement department.

Standards etc.